Stephen K amos

Featuring at this months Comedy event is Stephen K Amos, Jonathan Elston and Maff Brown.

Stephen K Amos has charmed and entertained audiences all over the world with his natural, assured delivery and his honest, original material. A gifted actor, Amos has impressed critics with his performances on stage and screen and has proved he is one of the most unique comedy voices of his generation but demonstrated a penchant for drama roles. Comfortable as a performer, presenter, actor and guest there is no doubt that Amos will retain his position as one of the nation’s favourite comedians for a long time to come.

Jonathan Elston is a fresh, punchy, gag-driven comic who combines sharp joke writing and quirky observations with a youthful likability that charms his audience and endears him to any room. However as with many top comics, success means is Jonathan rarely to be found out of a coach or car. The carbon footprint that Jonathan has created since his career began is big enough to have destroyed a football pitch sized hole in the Brazilian rainforest! Despite the havoc he is wreaking on the rainforests, Jonathan is steadfast in his focus and continues to be one of the most sought after young acts working the circuit. 

Maff Brown is a British comedian and MC. He is known for his mischievous style of joke-telling. Brown is the founder of the award-winning Outside The Box Comedy Club. Aside from MCing Outside The Box every Monday, Brown tours the UK comedy circuit developing his own material. On the 4th of December 2020, he appeared on Mock The Week as a replacement for Angela Barnes, who was ill. He regularly performs a warmup act before the show. Back in the day, Maff was hired by Gerrard Houllier and Liverpool FC as a technical assistant following a career that showed promise in top league football until he broke his ankle. Then came comedy…..


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